Bowen Community Home

Neighbourhoods of Bowen island
Neighbourhoods of Bowen Island. Photo credit: Bowen Island Municipality

Please note: The simplest way to help with COVID19 responses from home is by letting anyone not connected online, who you think may benefit, know about the services available to them. Many folks are not connected online and will miss out as a result.

Welcome to The Bowen Island Accessibility Group and the Camp Bowen Society have created this website to bring together information on what businesses, non-profits, and other community members are doing to respond to the Corona Virus outbreak (COVID-19) on Bowne Island. We hope that over time this website can evolve into a community hub that can bring our island community closer together and outlast the COvID-19 outbreak.

Camp Bowen has called Bowen home since 1963 and you have always been there for us. Bowen Islanders have a habit of looking out for one another and that is one of the things that makes Bowen the amazing community it is. We are truly blessed to be part of such a caring community. We hope the information on this website will help our fellow islanders cope with COVID-19.

If you know of a resource not yet listed or would like to volunteer to help administer this page, please let us know.