Welcome to, the home of the Bowen Island Accessibility Group. On this page you will find a number of resources that make Bowen Island more accessible to people with disabilities or who otherwise face accessibility challenges.

Camp Bowen Community Emergency Response Program: Stranded Persons

We’re the Camp Bowen Divisions of the Canadian Organization of the Blind and DeafBlind (not CNIB). We are a Bowen-based charity of blind and DeafBlind people for blind and DeafBlind people.

we have capacity for 20 tonight at Camp Bowen: two double rooms each with a queen bed at $60 and 8 rooms each with two beds at $30 a bed. We are making these rooms available under the camp Bowen Community Emergency Response Program: Stranded Persons Procedure. Under this procedure we do not make any money on these rooms and the fees only recover our cost. If anyone gets stranded on this side, please give me a call at the Bowen Island Community Mailbox at 604-947-9021 or my direct cell at 778-512-4721 and we will do our best to make sure you get connected with accommodation.

Stay safe,
Director of Operations and Community Engagement
Camp Bowen Division

Services for Bowen Islanders

Phone Access To the Bowen Island Undercurrent 📞🗞

We have made available the Bowen Island Undercurrent over the phone. those who cannot access the print or online edition of the paper due to isolation owing to the Corona Virus or who have a perceptual print disability can call +1 (604) 947-0021 and press 7 at the main menu to have the paper read to you.

Bowen Island Accessibility Group 🧑🏼‍🦯🧑🏿‍🦽🧏🏻‍♀️

The Bowen Island Accessibility Group (BIAG) is a community outreach program designed to bring Bowen Islanders together to find creative solutions to the accessibility challenges on Bowen Island. We want to look at issues from the small to the really tough. BIAG also acts as a peer support network for Bowen Islanders with disabilities.

BIAG is just getting started and we look forward to collaborating with many of you to make this the best group it can be. To get involved, please contact us.