Individual Supports

Bowen Islanders Willing to be Online with You

Those islanders who are self-isolating because they’ve returned from out of country, have been exposed to the virus in some way or are feeling at all ill, those social distancing and those minimizing social contact are banding together online to keep spirits up and stave off loneliness. Chris Corrigan started the google doc, “Bowen Islanders willing to be online with you” (see As of the evening of March 17, 2020, the document had eleven people offering to talk to other islanders over the phone, text, Facebook, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Icouch (this varies by person).

“I saw a post on [Flatten the Curve – Bowen Island] from someone who was feeling anxious and afraid and who is self-isolating. I spend my professional life hosting conversations and listening to folks deal with change and I know others on Bowen do as well,” wrote Corrigan in a message with the Undercurrent. “I just wanted us to be able to connect with folks who feel like self-isolation means being alone. That’s scary for some folks. It doesn’t have to mean that.”

Individual Supports

Lisa Shatzky Offers No-Cost Emotional Support by Phone

Lisa Shatzky writes on Facebook:

How fortunate we are as a community on this beautiful island to care for one another during these troubled times. I am here to listen and talk and be available by phone as a community volunteer if anyone needs emotional support or help with anxiety management or simply another friend or caring heart in your circle. No cost. We are all connected. 778 837 7040

Lisa shatzky
psychotherapist / poet