Education Things to Do

Calling All Writers: A Story and Poetry Challenge for All Ages

Do you like to write poems or short stories? If so, we want to hear from you.

The Camp Bowen Society and the Bowen Island Accessibility Group are seeking short story or poetry submissions for a writing challenge. Submissions are open in four community categories:

  1. Bowen Island children and youth ages 3 to 18
  2. Bowen Island adults ages 19+
  3. Blind, low vision, or Deafblind children and youth ages 3 to 18 from across Canada
  4. Blind, low vision, or Deafblind adults ages 19+ from across Canada

All stories will be included in one of four freely distributed ebooks based on their community category. The rules are as follows:

  1. Keep it family friendly
  2. No plagiarism
  3. Keep any submissions 10,000 words or less
  4. Only one poem and one short story per submitter

Submitting before the April 30, 2020 deadline is easy. Just send your submissions along with your name, city, pen name (if different), age, and community category (from the above list) to <> or send the same via the contact form at:
< a href="" target="_blank">

Entries in the children and youth category will be credited as first name, last initial, and age(e.g. “John S. – Age 7”), while adult entries will be credited as first and last name (e.g. “John Smith”). If you would like us to include your city, please let us know.

Happy writing,
The Camp Bowen Team

Health and Wellness Things to Do

Bowen Island Health Foundation Offers a Virtual Coffee Shop

The Bowen Island Health Centre Foundation is providing a virtual coffee shop.

MORNINGS from 8 AM – 11 AM – Join Zoom Meeting

AFTERNOONS from 2 PM – 5 PM – Join Zoom Meeting

All Bowen Islanders are welcome. The coffee shop is provided to promote friendly interaction and will not be moderated; however, if interaction ceases to be friendly and polite, individuals may be blocked or the coffee shop may be closed. Participation is limited and first come first serve.

This is a 30 day trial. If there is enough traffic to keep the coffee shop open, it can be extended.


Education Entertainment

Free Audiobooks From, one of the largest distributers of audiobooks in the world has just made hundreds of titles for kids and families free on for as long as schools are closed.

Health and Wellness Home Delivery

Conscious Cosmetics Offers Pickup From Their Woodshed or Free Home Delivery On All Orders

Conscious Cosmetics is offering pickup from our woodshed or free home delivery on all orders. We are gifting all Boweners with a permanent 25% off all our website pricing <3

Their website is:


Tips and Tricks for Homeschooling Your Kids

The article “Tips and Tricks for Homeschooling Your Kids” by Jeni Redekopp , and Melissa Harrison appeared in the Bowen Island Undercurrent on March 20 2020.

Individual Supports

Bowen Islanders Willing to be Online with You

Those islanders who are self-isolating because they’ve returned from out of country, have been exposed to the virus in some way or are feeling at all ill, those social distancing and those minimizing social contact are banding together online to keep spirits up and stave off loneliness. Chris Corrigan started the google doc, “Bowen Islanders willing to be online with you” (see As of the evening of March 17, 2020, the document had eleven people offering to talk to other islanders over the phone, text, Facebook, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Icouch (this varies by person).

“I saw a post on [Flatten the Curve – Bowen Island] from someone who was feeling anxious and afraid and who is self-isolating. I spend my professional life hosting conversations and listening to folks deal with change and I know others on Bowen do as well,” wrote Corrigan in a message with the Undercurrent. “I just wanted us to be able to connect with folks who feel like self-isolation means being alone. That’s scary for some folks. It doesn’t have to mean that.”

Municipal Services

Municipality Considers Declaring State of Emergency

Council will be considering the possibility of declaring a State of Local Emergency at its meeting on Monday, March 23.

A State of Local Emergency could give Bowen Island Municipality the authority to restrict travel to Bowen Island, among other powers.

To make a submission to Council regarding this possibility, please send an e-mail to

Individual Supports

Lisa Shatzky Offers No-Cost Emotional Support by Phone

Lisa Shatzky writes on Facebook:

How fortunate we are as a community on this beautiful island to care for one another during these troubled times. I am here to listen and talk and be available by phone as a community volunteer if anyone needs emotional support or help with anxiety management or simply another friend or caring heart in your circle. No cost. We are all connected. 778 837 7040

Lisa shatzky
psychotherapist / poet

Community Organizations

Bowen Island Community Foundation Offers Zoom Online Meeting Support to Community Organizations

As many organizations have suspended in-person meetings and shuttered their doors for now, the Bowen Island Community Foundation has offered access to its Zoom online meeting account to Bowen-based organizations. “We have a limited capacity so will need to make a list and try to distribute effectively. Please contact us at,” said a post on its Facebook page. The foundation has added Bowen Children’s Centre, BIRCH, the Hearth and Snug Cove Society to its account and has only a few more licenses left as of Tuesday.

Community Organizations

Bowen Island Foodbank

The Bowen Island Undercurrent checked in with Sue Clarke of the foodbank. “I can’t say we have a plan per se as we have no idea if the volume will increase,” she said. “We are continuing to restock the shelves every day and we can give our food vouchers for [Snug Cove General Store and the Ruddy Potato] for those in dire need. We will have to see how it all evolves .”

The foodbank is also accepting cash donations. “If you are able, consider making a donation by e-transfer to the Bowen Food Bank so that they can purchase groceries to support families and households on the island,” reads a post on Artisan Office’s courier service page. “The treasurer for the Food Bank Board is Sheila McCall, and you can send e-transfers for the Food Bank to her at”