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There’s the new Deep Bay Neighbours Facebook group. Deep Bay NERP volunteer Judi Gedye wrote a letter online requesting help contacting all the neighbourhood residents without making physical contact or leaving papers.

“We need contact information (phone numbers and email) as soon as possible, and at the same time, without invading anyone’s privacy, we need to figure out who might need what kind of assistance. We also need to find volunteers willing to help, in ways that are safe for everyone. Public health is stressing no personal contact and that includes leaving printed material at the door,” wrote Gedye. “The best news is that we are a small, close-knit neighbourhood so we probably do know how to reach all of our neighbours. I would ask each of us to telephone (preferably) or email as many neighbours as we have phone numbers for and ask if their number can be shared to the NERP organizers––not for publication and not for widespread distribution; just for the NERP volunteers in Deep Bay. NERP will create a list of names, addresses, closest neighbours, contact info and whether they would like to be contacted in future.”

If you are a Deep Bay resident please contact Judi Gedye 778-871-6267 (call or text), 604-947-0105,; Rebecca Hurst: 778-320-3152 (call or text),; Stephen Edwards: 604-947-0477,; or Maureen Witney: 604-947-2070,