Community Organizations

Bowen Island Foodbank

The Bowen Island Undercurrent checked in with Sue Clarke of the foodbank. “I can’t say we have a plan per se as we have no idea if the volume will increase,” she said. “We are continuing to restock the shelves every day and we can give our food vouchers for [Snug Cove General Store and the Ruddy Potato] for those in dire need. We will have to see how it all evolves .”

The foodbank is also accepting cash donations. “If you are able, consider making a donation by e-transfer to the Bowen Food Bank so that they can purchase groceries to support families and households on the island,” reads a post on Artisan Office’s courier service page. “The treasurer for the Food Bank Board is Sheila McCall, and you can send e-transfers for the Food Bank to her at”