Home Delivery

Artisan Express Offers Home Delivery

For islanders/island households in self-quarantine or isolation, or who are referred to us by healthcare professionals, Artisan Express is offering free delivery from various businesses and services to your home. They can bring you: prescriptions & medications (human or pet), food (human or pet), medical & healthcare supplies, household supplies, library books & work or school supports, other materials, other necessities. They can’t deliver: tobacco, alcohol, lottery tickets, or non-prescription cannabis products.

You order the goods or arrange for them to be ready, and pay for the goods if payment is required, then either you or the provider let ARtisan Express know a delivery is ready. They will pick it up and bring it to your home. Just make sure that Artisan Express have a telephone number to reach you on so we can confirm addresses, delivery times and locations.

Artisan Express also goes into Vancouver five days a week to make deliveries and pick-up courier packages and small freight; Artisan Express regularly pick up items from workplaces, family or friends, pharmacies, health care services and providers, opticians, from stores that offer click-and-collect or can take your business over the phone or by email. They can’t offer this as a free service, but for those in self-quarantine or isolation who do need goods or items from town, we will charge an adjusted low rate; please get in touch and discuss this with us, and we will advise you on your particular situation.

More information can be found on their website or by calling +1 (604) 947-9119.